Master Cimencam 3rd Edition

CIMENCAM has taken a stake to the «Passionately Tennis Movement»  and offers to the youth an international Open tournament to reveal the best rackets in the sub-region. This competition dedicated to senior ladies and gentlemen will open the tennis season in Cameroon and will be held at  The BONANJO TENNIS CLUB from 25th through 31st May 2020.

Senior Ryder Cup 2nd Edition

A competition dedicated for tennis enthusiasts over 40 years of age to enable them competing in a friendly and festive atmosphere. It is scheduled to take place in two phases: the qualifiers being played in Douala, Yaounde and Bafoussam and the final phase in Douala. We are innovating this year with a kick-off for women in “mixed doubles” and a better distribution among the TITANS. ((40-50 years, 51-60 years and ≥ 61 years).

5 Majeur National 3rd Edition

National Basketball Tournament organised under the technical supervision of the Cameroon Basketball Federation and the Centre Region League. It is the gathering of the best U21 (girls and boys) from the ten regions of Cameroon in a weekend performances, learning and even detection by local and international recruiters.

Cameroon Cup of Tennis

A Government sponsored tournament that Tara Sports & Entertainment has been organising since 2016 on behalf of the Cameroon Tennis Federation. It is open to any young Cameroonian tennis player and licensed by the Federation (girl and boy) with a view to improving their ranking.

Douala International Marathon 4th Edition

After a successful 3rd edition (with about 5000 participants) and marked by the victory of the Cameroonian Justilin FOIMI, who also dropped the record of the event from 2h 20 to 2h 15, TARA SPORTS raises its objectives to about 10,000 participants for 2020 on the Marathon, semi-Marathon, Marchaton and Family Walk. Also for 2020, we are innovating with the Business Fair.

Cameroon Future 3rd Edition

After two editions as an “Exhibition Tournament” bringing together talents from Central and West Africa, the tournament reached a major milestone in 2018 by becoming a “Future Tournament”, thus making its entry in the international professional calendar. In 2020, at the Tennis Club of Douala, players in the ATP ranking will be at the rendezvous. It will also be the occasion for the official Kick-Off of the “Passionately Tennis Movement” in the presence of  Yannick NOAH the tournament’s godfather.

MiMa Youth Open 6th Edition

This tournament, specially sponsored by Yannick NOAH is specifically aimed at building futureTennis champions. It brings together players from various categories: chicks, minimes, cadets and juniors U21 who, since 2015 (i.e for 5 editions to date) battle hard during one week of competition at the Club PAD of Douala. Its scheduling during school holidays helps promoting young school boys and girls.